Product Support


Multico Power Drive aims to provide total customer support that exceeds customer expectations.

We are the first worldwide distributor to achieve Perkins' Level 3 Service Standards. Our high service standards, 24/7 support and professionally trained staff all help ensure that our customers' needs are met promptly and that their business runs smoothly.

Our team of exceedingly qualified and fully equipped service engineers help our customers efficiently and effectively meet their technological demands on a daily basis.

Our comprehensive range of technical services include:

Engine diagnostic & technical assistance
  • Performance & fault diagnostic on electronic and mechanical product
  • Guidance & assistance with technical problems & queries
Engine Identification
  • Model/family type
  • Engine ratings
Technical Data
  • Specifications
  • Engine selection
  • Power curves
  • De-rating chart
  • Fuel consumption
  • Dimensions
  • GA drawings
  • Wiring/ circuit diagrams

We also provide very comprehensive parts support with over 50,000 parts for any Perkins engines.

Perkins' parts distribution centre in England and Singapore and our wide global network of distributors and dealers ensure we are able to meet customers' demands promptly and efficiently.